Comparison of Corpus-based Emotion Estimation Methods

J. Minato, K. Matsumoto, S. Tsuchiya, S. Kuroiwa, (Japan) and F. Ren (Japan, PRC)


Corpus analysis, Affective computing, Statistic analysis, Emotion estimation


Internationalization of information is increasing needs for a computer to deal with multilingual communication. Un derstanding not only semantic information but also under lying emotion in textual information can contribute to assist such communication and also to make human-computer interaction more natural and congenial. For the purpose of emotion estimation from multilingual text, we created bilingual emotion annotated corpus in Japanese and En glish. Based on the corpus, we statistically analyzed the characteristics of how word emotion affects sentence emo tion in each language. Two kinds of emotion estimation methods were proposed by using the existing techniques considering the feature quantity obtained from the corpus statistics then evaluation experiments were carried out.

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