Ant-based Clustering With Multiple Deposited Pheromones and Simple Ant Memory

W. Ngenkaew, S. Ono, and S. Nakayama (Japan)


Ant-Based Clustering, Multiple Pheromones, Pheromone Influence, Ant Memory, and Data Clustering


This paper proposes Ant-Based Clustering algorithm with multiple pheromones deposition at the grids combined with Ant memory, called Multiple Pheromones in Ant-Based Clustering with ant memory (MPABC with ant memory). The method of using two kinds of deposited pheromones at each grid as Trailing Pheromone and Foraging Pheromone for ants is used to decide the direction to go. Ant mem ory of the cluster size is used when they need to pick up or drop the food. The experimental results are compared with the basic algorithm without any pheromone and some other methods which show the difference in performance of the method proposed here.

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