Integrated Model-based Control and Diagnostic Monitoring for Automotive Catalyst Systems

K.R. Muske and J.C. Peyton Jones (USA)


Automotive Catalyst, Model Predictive Control, On-board Diagnostic Monitoring


An integrated model-based automotive catalyst control and diagnostic monitoring system is presented. This system incorporates a simpliļ¬ed dynamic catalyst model that de scribes oxygen storage and release in the catalyst and pre dicts the post-catalyst exhaust gas oxygen sensor signal. The model-based controller maintains the catalyst stored oxygen at a desired operating condition to prevent post catalyst emissions breakthrough by ultimately adjusting the engine fueling. Diagnostic monitoring is performed by de tecting changes in a test statistic derived from the post catalyst sensor response. These changes, which are sen sitive to both long-term catalyst deactivation effects and short-term emission control device failures, are detected based on the result of nonparametric statistical tests on a moving horizon of past test statistic values.

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