Parameter Estimation for Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drive using EKF and H-Infinity Filter

G.L.Valsala, A. Omkar, and A.A. Dutt (India)


Induction motor, Estimation, Extended kalman filter, H infinity filter.


In a vector-controlled induction machine drive, accurate knowledge of the machine electrical parameters is required to ensure correct alignment of the stator current vector relative to the rotor flux vector, to decouple the flux and torque producing currents and tune the current control loop. The estimation of motor parameters, in vector control induction machine is necessary to achieve high-performance torque control. In this paper an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) and H-infinity filter is employed to estimate the motor parameters using measurements of the stator voltages and currents and the rotor speed of the induction motor. A model is developed from the steady-state equations of induction motor dynamics, and modeling of EKF and H-infinity filter algorithms for parameter estimation is discussed. And finally the results of the parameter estimation are shown. These filters are capable of estimating the induction motor parameters.

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