Optimal-Backstepping Approach for Fault Detection of Nonlinear Systems

T. Sedighi and A.J. Koshkouei (UK)


Nonlinear systems, Fault detection, Observer-based resid ual, Backstepping, Optimal control, Mass-spring-damper systems.


In this paper faults detection for a multi-input nonlinear mass-spring-damper system using a combination of opti mal control and backstepping methods is considered. The model comprises of a series of springs and dampers in which each mass-spring-damper subsystem is controlled. For designing a controller for the system, first a control is designed for the linearised system as an auxiliary con troller. The auxiliary control can be obtained using the clas sical methods such as pole placement and optimal control. The overall controller is designed using the backstepping method which guarantees the global asymptotic stability of the system. Moreover, appropriate residuals are generated to detect the system component and sensor faults. Finally, the behavior of the residuals with respect to the number of masses and various fault positions are studied.

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