Dynamic Optimization of a Heterogeneous Swarm of Robots

M.C.D. Pekala and E. Schuster (USA)


Heterogeneous Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Opti mization


The control mechanisms of swarms of cooperating robots have been studied for some time now, but usually assuming homogeneous swarms. This paper presents a control al gorithm for a heterogeneous swarm of cooperating robots based on a modiļ¬cation of the ant colony optimization (ACO) method. We consider the possibility of a partially disabled robot, we analyze the effect it would have on a het erogeneous swarm of robots, and we discuss how to work around the disability. We examine the effectivness of this control algorithm through a simulation study. For this pur pose, a biologically inspired strategy is used for the move ment of the robots.

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