Dynamic Performance Improvement of a 6-DOF Robot by Means of Cartesian based Iterative Learning Control

O. Madsen, M. Kristiansen (Denmark), and V. Karri (Australia)


Iterative learning control, robot dynamics, high speed manufacturing operations.


When applying conventional industrial robots to high speed manufacturing operations, a compromise always has to be made between accuracy and speed. In many manufacturing applications it is very difficult as well as time consuming to find a good compromise. This makes it difficult to use conventional robots for high speed operations. In this paper an iterative learning controller is presented which iteratively modifies Cartesian references to the robot such that the transient behaviour of the tool trajectory is improved. Operating in the task space (the Cartesian space) rather than in the joint space facilitates easy implementation on standard industrial robot controllers. As part of the investigation reported in this paper, an iterative learning control feedback system was integrated with a 6-dof REIS robot. Tests indicate that a significant improvement of transient behaviour can be achieved automatically after only 10-20 iterations.

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