Two-State Actuator Commands for Moving Two-Mode Flexible Systems

Y.-G. Sung (Korea) and W.E. Singhose (USA)


Bang-Bang Command, Input Shaping, Transition Shaping, Two-Mode Systems.


An approach is presented for generating command pro files to reduce residual vibration for rest-to-rest motion of two-mode flexible systems. A beneficial advantage of the command profiles is that they are described by closed-form functions. The profiles are designed by first canceling the flexible-mode vibration with an actuator transition-shaping method and then accounting for rigid-body requirements to accomplish the desired target distance as quickly as possi ble. The performance of the control method is evaluated with respect to slew duration, fuel usage, maximum tran sient deflection, and robustness to modeling errors. The proposed approach is illustrated with a numerical simula tion of a benchmark system with two flexible modes.

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