Graphical Compensation Design of D-STATCOM using a SCICOS Simulator

C. Sumpavakup and T. Kulworawanichpong (Thailand)


D-STATCOM, Graphical design, SCICOS, Voltage compensation.


This paper presents a simplified voltage compensation design of D-STATCOM operation based on a graphical approach. Voltage sag is a typical problem found in electric power distribution systems. D-STATCOM is one of power conditioning devices to enhance overall system performances such as voltage profiles, harmonic distortion, etc. To operate a D-STATCOM, several control strategies have been increasingly developed. In this paper, an alternative approach of compensation design for D-STATCOM operation is proposed. It is based on graphical interpretation of simulation results via SCICOS model. To verify its use, a simple 2-bus power system equipped with a D-STATCOM is employed for test. Compensation design to regulate both supply current and load voltage is assigned as a test case scenario to evaluate the proposed approach.

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