Evaluation of Voltage Stability Index in Electric Power Distribution Systems with Three-Phase Rectifier Loading

T. Ratniyomchai and T. Kulworawanichpong (Thailand)


Fast voltage stability index, Three-phase rectifier, electric power distribution system, power transfer


This paper presents an approach to calculate voltage stability index in electric power distribution systems with three-phase rectifier loading. Fast voltage stability index (FVSI) is used as an indicator to evaluate capability of reactive power loading at a given bus position. Three phase rectifier loading is typical in medium voltage industrial plants. Analysis of power transfer through an AC/DC controlled rectifier system is described. From this analysis, FVSI can be computed. To evaluate the FVSI in electric power distribution systems, a 10-bus three-phase test system is employed. As a result, comparing with the index obtained from AC loading case, the voltage stability margin can be enhanced by loading more DC-side powers.

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