A Possibility for Modeling - Order Simulation of a Remote Protection

M. Leca, R. Damian, and I.C. Rugina (Romania)


Petri network, remote protection, analysis and synthesis


In the paper we have in view especially another technique of approaching the set of logic functions pertaining to remote protection, required for a good and safe performance of fault shooting and elimination. In complex networks, that have supply knots from more than two directions and in the ringed networks with several supply sources, the selectivity of the protections cannot be ensured any longer by lags and adequate guiding as in the case of current protections on bilateral supply lines. Based on the principles of operating logic of a remote protection, its command structure based on the formalism of the Petri networks is proposed. The modeling of the remote protection is made by a Petri network delayed by predicates and the simulation of its operation and the issue of commands is made by means of the software environment PETRI Maker.

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