Downlink Performance Comparision for Low Earth Orbiting Satellite Ground Stations at S-Band in Europe

S. Cakaj (Kosovo) and K. Malarić (Croatia)


LEO, satellite, performance


Microsatellites in Low Earth Orbits (LEO) have been in use for the past two decades. Low Earth Orbit satellites are used for public communication and also for scientific purposes. Thus, it may be expected that such missions will be further developed in the near future especially in fields where similar experiments by purely Earth-based means are impracticable. Ground stations have to be established in order to communicate with such satellites, and the quality of communication depends on the performance of the satellite ground station, in addition to that of the satellite. Usually these scientific satellites communicate with ground stations at S-band. Within these papers the comparison of downlink performance of hypothetical satellite ground station implemented in different cities of Central Europe is given.

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