Application of a Control Vector Parameterization Method using an Interior Point Algorithm

T. Hirmajer, M. Fikar (Slovakia), E. Balsa-Canto, and J.R. Banga (Spain)


dynamic optimization, control vector parameterization, sensitivity calculations, ordinary differential equations


This paper explores the possibilities of using the combina tion of the state of the art nonlinear programming prob lem solver IPOPT and the initial value problem solver CVODES (incorporated in SUNDIALS) for the solution of dynamic optimization problems, also regarded as open loop optimal control problems (OCP). Recent works con firm the potential of IPOPT in solving large scale optimiza tion problems and particularly in solving optimal control problems in the framework of the complete parameteriza tion approach [12]. Here the OCP problems are solved using the control vector parameterization scheme and the advantages and disadvantages of the combination CVP + IPOPT + CVODES are evaluated through several exam ples.

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