Implementation of Local Optimal Controller based on Model Identification of Multi-Mass Electromechanical Servo System

U. Abou-Zayed, M. Ashry, and T. Breikin (UK)


Grey-box model, black-box model, local optimal control, and multi-mass servo systems.


The procedure of parameters identification of three-mass servo system using different methods is described in this paper. Both black-box and grey-box models are identified. The estimates of mechanical and electrical parameters, obtained using different data sets, are fairly stable. Experimental results show that a model consisting of three-masses connected by springs and dampers gives an acceptable description of the dynamics of the servo system. However, a lower order black-box model, gives better fit. A model-based Local Optimal Controller (LOC) is designed and implemented based on a low order black box model. Experimental results show an efficient performance for the proposed controller during steady state, tracking, and disturbance rejection. The purpose of this contribution is to present practical identification and control of a multi-mass electromechanical servo system.

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