Anticipation Behaviour Implemented in a Simulator of Artificial Life

P. Nahodil and A.M. Elmahalawy (Czech Republic)


Anticipation, Artificial Life, Behavior, Intelligent Control, Simulation.


The study of anticipation and anticipatory systems is a virgin field which as requires extra care with making conceptual distinctions, but also provides us with a good opportunity for innovative thought. This work presents two original systems in Artificial Life (ALife) domain, a new designed simulator World of Artificial Life (WAL) and an Anticipatory Agent System (AAS). Both of them are based on the concept of Multi Agent Systems (MAS). We made some modification in WAL basing on the Anticipation Behavior (AB). Further, we use Genetic Algorithms (GA) within Anticipatory Module (AM) in ASS and evaluate the system. We have verified that anticipation behavior could be one of the most frequent behaviors in ALife, too. Our results confirmed that the system's performance is much better in this case.

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