Bio Process Control Strategy based on Numerical Methods and Linear Algebra: Second Approach

O.L. Quintero, G. Scaglia, A. Amicarelli, and F. di Sciascio (Argentina)


Bio Process, Non Linear systems, Controller design, Numerical Methods, Simulation


Biotechnological processes represent a challenge into the control field, due to its high non linearity. Particularly, continuous alcoholic fermentation by Zymomonas mobilis presents high ethanol performance, but it shows highly oscillatory behaviour in process variables, because of the influence of inhibition dynamics (rate of ethanol concentration Z and I) over Biomass, Substrate and Product concentrations; it is a significant challenge from the control perspective. In this work, a new and significant solution for control of biotechnological variables into the fermentation process, based on numerical methods and linear algebra is proposed. This methodology, allows developing the controller design through the use of dynamic analysis and without the use of complex calculations.

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