Dynamic Model of Cement Precalcination Process

Z. Wang, M. Yuan, B. Wang, H. Wang, and T. Wang (PRC)


Dynamic model, simulation, precalcination, cement


A first principle model of cement precalcination system is developed for the purpose of controller’s design and synthesis. The dynamic model is based on the mass and energy balance principle and consists of a set of ordinary differential equations. Based on some logical assumptions, the model not only considers the reaction mechanisms but also reduces the complexity of precalciner system. The model is divided into a preheater submodel and a calciner submodel. Separate submodel for preheater and calciner are initially developed and coupled together to build an integrated model. The model takes the gas content into account and can obtain the values of all key output variables in precalcination process. A stationary solution for the model is found and dynamic simulations of step changes in the input variables are shown.

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