Comparison of Hardwood Delignification Models in Conventional Continuous Kraft Cooking Application

T. Ahvenlampi and M. Palosaari (Finland)


Model development, delignification, pulping, hardwood


In this paper, several pulping models are compared in hard wood cooking. The studied process is conventional contin uous cooking application. The proposed simulation model is a modification of Gustafson’s Kappa number model, which is originally developed for the softwood cooking. The kraft pulping process and the cooking model devel opment are shown in general. Industrial data is used in the validation of the proposed model and good results are achieved. The simulation model is found to be more accu rate in normal and abnormal operation. The results of the new Kappa number simulation model are shown together with the simulations of the earlier models. The differences between the measured and the modelled Kappa numbers are studied using quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

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