A Multi-Agent Control Architecture for Large Scale Multirobot System

M. Baglietto, G. Cannata, F. Capezio, A. Grosso, A. Sgorbissa, and R. Zaccaria (Italy)


Multi-Robot Systems, Multi-Agent System, Distributed Interactive Systems.


As research progresses in distributed robotic systems, more and more aspects of multi-robot systems are being explored. This dissertation focuses on multi-robot control systems and provides the model of an agent-based control architecture following the research that is ongoing in the field of distributed mobile robot systems. In this work, the agent technology is proposed as a possible approach to the design of multi-robot systems. Autonomous agents, or sometimes called intelligent agents, can effectively combine all the advantages of distributed systems with advanced robot control support and artificial intelligence techniques. The coordination of the multi-robot system is based on agent interaction and negotiation, and a communication infrastructure based on open web standards is provided. This paper is the result of the work done within the ROBOSWARM European Project.

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