Dynamic Real-Time Simulation of Intelligent Mobile Machines

P. Multanen, M. Hyvönen, J. Saarinen, and M. Vilenius (Finland)


Real-time simulation, dynamic simulation, modelling, simulator, hardware-in-the-loop, generic intelligent machines


The level of automation, built-in intelligence and properties of mobile work machines continue to increase. This has made it more challenging to perform safe and reliable testing to verify machine functions and also to train the machine operators. An effective tool to meet such challenges is the use of virtual prototypes based on the modelling of all machine functions. These applications are limited because the products are customized and manufactured in small series with a relatively low unit price. This paper presents a simulator system that is intended for the simulation and visualization of intelligent mobile machines in real-time. Applying of the system in industry is helped by the fact that it is based on commercial software, low-cost hardware components and is easily scalable to the simulation of large systems due to distributed modelling. The key element in the system is its real-time performance. This is essential in both training simulators for humans and in hardware-in-the-loop simulators when testing real components and the control software of machines. The presented applications show the use of a simulator for training, as a research and development tool for a single machine, and for a group of teleoperated machines.

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