Properties of IIR-OSLMS Adaptive Filters

C. Panoiu, L. Toma, M. Panoiu, and R. Rob (Romania)


adaptive filtering, signal processing


One of the most common problems in using of adaptive filters is their behavior in condition of application of a high amplitude and short time pulses at the filters’ input. The ALMS mean filter is an OSLMS filter, featured by a good convergence of their coefficients into optimal values, but a low stability of the prediction coefficients. Another OSLMS filter is the MLMS mean filter, featured by greater prediction coefficients stability, but a lower coefficients convergence to the optimal values. This paper studie the properties of three algorithms (gradient algorithm, SHARF algorithm and Steiglitz-Mc Bride algorithm), used to compute the IIR filters coefficients. It was studied three kind of IIR filters ( IIR, Average-IIR and Median-IIR) implemented in direct form and in lattice form.

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