Fuzzy Logic Control of a Wheelchair on Two Wheels

S. Ahmad and M.O. Tokhi (UK)


Double inverted pendulum, fuzzy logic control, wheelchair, nonlinear system.


Wheelchair on two wheels is an interesting and challenging control problem. The challenge is in the design and implementation of suitable control strategies for a two wheeled wheelchair to perform comparably similar to normal four wheeled wheelchair. A wheelchair on two wheels is expected not to take much space during mobility as compared to when it is on four wheels. Moreover, disabled people are encouraged and expected to do most things that others can do and hence lead an independent life. Thus, wheelchairs on two wheels are needed for disabled persons to perform some of the essential tasks in their living and work environments. In this research a model of the standard wheelchair is developed as a test and verification platform using Visual Nastran software. Novel fuzzy logic control strategies are designed for lifting up the chair and maintaining stability and balance while on two wheels. Simulation results of the proposed control strategy are presented and discussed.

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