Design and Vehicle Test of a Vehicle Control Algorithm for Integrated ACC/CA System

S. Moon and K. Yi (Korea)


Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Avoidance, Warning index, Time-to-Collision, Safety


This paper presents design and implementation of a vehicle control algorithm for integrated ACC/CA systems. The control scheme is designed to control the vehicle so that it would feel natural to the human driver and passengers during normal safe driving situations and to avoid rear-end collision in vehicle following situations. Three different control strategies have been used depending on driving situations. The driving situations are determined using a non-dimensional warning index and time-to-collision (TTC). A confusion matrix method based on manual driving data is used to tune the control parameters of an integrated ACC/CA system. The integrated ACC/CA system is implemented in a real vehicle and has been tested in both safe traffic and the severe braking situation. It is shown that the proposed control algorithms can provide with natural following performance in both high speed driving and low speed stop-and-go situations and can prevent the vehicle-to vehicle distance from dropping to an unsafe level in a variety of driving situation.

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