Multi-View Forests based on Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory: A New Classifier Ensemble Method

M.F.A. Hady, F. Schwenker, and G. Palm (Germany)


Pattern recognition, multi-view learning, Dempster-Shafer evidence theory, classifier ensembles, radial basis function networks, multi-class decomposition.


In this paper, a method to construct ensembles of tree structured classifiers using multi-view learning instead of feature subset selection is proposed. An essential requirement to train an effective classifier ensemble is the diversity among the base individual classifiers. In order to construct diverse individual classifiers, it is assumed that the object to be classified is represented through multiple feature sets (views). Different views of the data can then be combined to improve the accuracy of the learning task. Multi-view Forests have been examined on a benchmark data set of 3D-object recognition based on 2D camera images. Results show that multi-view learning can improve the performance of the individual classifiers and the whole ensemble, and thus promoting the use of multi view forests.

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