A New Approach for Data Hiding in Gray-Level Images

A.T. Al-Taani and A.M. AL-Issa (Jordan)


Data Embedding, Cryptography, Digital Watermarking, Steganography, Least Significant Bit.


Steganography is one of the techniques used to make detecting the transmitted data over channels more difficult, as hiding a message will reduce the probability of detecting this message. In this work we propose a new Steganography approach for hiding information within the spatial domain of the gray scale image. The proposed approach works by dividing the cover into blocks of equal sizes and then embeds the message in the edge of the block depending on the number of ones in left four bits of the pixel. The proposed approach is tested on a database consists of 100 different images. Experimental results, compared with other methods, showed that the proposed approach hide more large information and gave a good visual quality stego-image that can be seen by human eyes.

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