Benchmarking Tools for Fairly Comparing Watermarking Algorithms

S.I. Fraser and A.R. Allen (UK)


Watermarking Techniques, Digital Image Watermarking, Benchmarking.


Fair benchmarking tools for comparing watermarking sys tems are introduced. Three different watermarking systems are fairly compared using these tools. The parametric val ues for each watermarking system are carefully selected so that the resultant watermarked images all have equal mea sures of visual degradation. The Watson Metric, which is based upon the Human Visual System (HVS), is used to compute the visual degradation. The watermarked im ages are subjected to signal processing attacks. The robust ness of each watermarking system is analysed using the fair benchmarking tools. The effect of adding Error Correcting Codes (ECC) to these watermarking systems is also stud ied. Using fair benchmarking tools, it is shown that, in certain cases, what appears to be an increase in robustness is in fact a decrease in robustness.

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