Watermark Detection in X-Ray Images from Paper for Dating Artworks

H.M. Otal, M. van Staalduinen, P. Paclk, J.C.A. van der Lubbe (The Netherlands)


Shape and Document Analysis, Paper Research, Water mark Analysis, Line Detection, Cultural Heritage, Art


A watermark in a piece of paper is an important source of information to determine the dating of artworks. Identical watermarks are used in the same period, that makes water mark research a search problem. In order to automate the search process watermarks should be detected in X-ray im ages of paper. This is a difficult detection problem, because of the large amount of noise in these images. We propose an integrated framework to detect watermarks by exploiting the following four line properties: line profile, line contrast, spatial connectivity and line length. The parametrization of the framework is trained by minimizing an error definition, which is learnt from seven watermark experts by means of a poll. The proposed approach permits to select the optimal parameters according to the visual perception of watermark experts.

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