Simultaneous Audio Encryption and Watermarking using Discrete Fractional Random Transform

J. Singh and A.N. De (India)


Encryption, Watermark, Eigenvector , Discrete fractional random transform, decoding, log likelihood ratio


Encryption and watermarking are two diverse streams in the area of multimedia security. In this paper, we have implemented encryption for protecting the audio signal and performed watermarking simultaneously using the same encryption technique. The process of speech encryption and decryption is simply a one step operation of using one dimensional discrete fractional random transform (DFRNT) and its inverse. The DFRNT has random transform kernel. The parameters of this transform are further utilized as a key in watermark embedding process. Segments of speech are encrypted using one of the two transform matrices, generated with different parameter values, depending upon the watermark bit value 1 or 0. The decoding of watermark is done through decryption process. Hence, the computations required for the implementation of encryption and watermarking are drastically reduced.

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