A Novel Biometric DES Cryptosystem with IRIS Key Generation and Personal Authentication from Human Eye

W.-S. Chen and J.-C. Lio (Taiwan)


Biometrics, Cryptography, DES, Personal Authentication, Iris Recognition


Conventional symmetric key cryptosystems suffer from some problems such as cryptographic key generation, management of the huge numbers of cryptographic keys and authentication of clients’ identity. Although asymmetric key cryptosystems can solve those problems, they have a serious drawback that they cannot encrypt and decrypt data fast. The iris codes are very distinct since the iris features of human eyes exhibit the high uniqueness. By replacing the original cipherkey in the DES standard with a new cipherkey constructed from the iris codes, the modified DES system namely Iris DES System (IDES), provides fast encryption and decryption and secure user identification. In addition, the system is easy to manage the cryptographic keys because the iris feature code for each person is unique. By using the iris code-based cipherkey, the modified DES cryptographic system can produce a more complex and securer cryptographic key to increase the security of encrypted techniques.

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