Signal-Processing based Frequency Analysis at Hollow Cones Nozzles

M. Gaspar, F. Weichart, H. Müller, E. Musemic, P. Walzel, and M. Wagner (Germany)


Hollow Hone Nozzles, Spraying Processes, Wavelets, Sig nal Processing


The paper describes the acquisition and analysis of position-stationary spatial data of spraying processes of hollow cone nozzles through using an image processing based approach. The data source is a CCD camera taking snapshots of the spraying process. The subsequent analysis aims at automated investigation of characterizing features of the surface waves in varying spraying settings, includ ing arising frequencies/wavelengths and concentration of energy at specific locations respectively frequencies. The bipartite analysis consists of geometric gauging of ampli tudes and oscillations as well as of signal decomposition using Fourier-, (Continuous) Wavelet-, and S-Transform. This contributes unique information to the prediction of processes associated with spraying. Although the bipartite approach might not be generalizable, it potentially meets a wide range of demands (e.g., in industry, medicine or sys tems biology) as it provides guidance for reconstructing ex posures to sprayed substances for different sites or specific geometric settings. It therefore warrants further investiga tion.

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