Fading Mitigation in an Interleved Noise-based DS-CDMA System for Secure Communications

S.M. Berber (New Zealand)


CDMA systems, fading, interleaver, statistical signal processing, BER curves.


Presence of fading degrades enormously the BER characteristics of a noise based DS-CDMA system. These characteristics can be substantially improved by the use of a block interleaver/deinterleaver structure, as shown in this paper. A mathematical model of the interleaved noise based CDMA system operation in the presence of fading is developed and the probability of error is derived. It was shown that the degradation in the BER performances of the interleaved system in the presence of fading can be reduced to be close to the level of AWGN influence. Due to the random nature of spread sequences, the system has a high level of protection against interception.

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