TLSS - A Powerful Software Tool for Structural Synthesis of Transliniar Integrated Circuits

E. Doicaru, I. Nicolae, C. Dan, D.-O. Andrei (Romania)


Translinear circuits, structural synthesis, nonlinear signal processing functions and C++ code.


This paper presents a software tool developed in C++ code using Visual C++ 2005 programming environment and used for the structural synthesis of translinear integrated circuits in order to implement prescribed linear and nonlinear functions. For a given function the program yields a set of realizations, with BJT or MOSFET, which are automatically compared by SPICE simulation, considering the criteria: stability, bandwidth and magnitude of circuit - induced errors. Another user option refers to the comparison of the generated alternative network configurations obtained for a given function from the point of view of sensitivities to parameter tolerances in order to choose the best one.

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