Multiresolution Statistical and Vector Quantization based Video Codec

P.B. Zadeh, T. Buggy, and A.S. Akbari (UK)


Video coding, statistical parameters, wavelet transform, vector quantization.


This paper presents a novel hybrid multiresolution statistical and vector quantization based video coding scheme. In the intra mode of operation, a wavelet transform is used to decorrelate the input frame into a number of subbands. The high frequency subbands are coded using a novel statistically based coding algorithm. In the inter mode of operation, overlapped block motion estimation / compensation is employed to exploit inter frame redundancy. A wavelet transform is then applied to the displaced frame difference to decorrelate it into a number of subbands. The coefficients in the resulting subbands are coded using an adaptive vector quantization scheme. To evaluate the performance of the proposed codec, the proposed codec and the adaptive subband vector quantization coding scheme (ASVQ), which has been shown outperforms H.263 at all bitrates, were applied to a number of test sequences. Results indicate that the proposed codec outperforms ASVQ subjectively and objectively at all bit rates.

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