Fast Intra Mode SKIP Detection Algorithm based on Adaptive Thresholding in H.264/AVC Video Coding

T.-J. Kim, B.-G. Kim, K.-H. Lee, and J.-W. Suh (Korea)


H.264/AVC, intra mode, intra skip, adaptive thresholding, rate-distortion optimization


A fast intra mode SKIP detection algorithm based on an adaptive thresholding scheme for an inter frame is proposed for H.264/AVC video encoding. There are three types of intra predictions according to profiles, including 16x16 and 4x4 intra predictions for luminance and an 8x8 intra prediction for chroma. For the High profile, an 8x8 intra prediction has been added for luminance. An intra mode search causes a significant increase in the complexity and computational load for an inter frame. To reduce the computational load of the intra mode search at the inter frame, we use the rate-distortion (RD) costs of the previous MBs which are the I4x4 and P8x8 modes. We also propose an adaptive thresholding scheme using the RD cost function for Intra SKIP extraction. We verify the performance of the proposed algorithm through comparative analysis of experimental results using joint model (JM) reference software. The overall encoding time is reduced up to 33% for the IBBPBBP sequence type and 40% for the IPPP sequence type.

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