Fast and Real-Time Moment Computation Methods of Gray Images using Image Block Representation

I.M. Spiliotis and Y.S. Boutalis (Greece)


Image analysis, Moments, Image Block Representation


Moments constitute a well known tool in the field of image analysis and pattern recognition but they suffer from the drawback of high computational cost. Efforts for the reduction of the required computational complexity have been reported, but are mainly focused on binary images. Image Block Representation (IBR) has been introduced some years ago and is applicable only on binary images. The block represented binary image is well suited for fast implementation of various processing and analysis algorithms and a real-time algorithm for the computation of moments has been presented in the past. In this paper an application of the image block representation on gray images and two fast algorithms for the computation of moments are presented. The first algorithm provides the exact moment values and is fast implemented. The second algorithm derives from the first, computes approximated moment values with an error of 2-3% from the exact values and operates in real-time.

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