Accuracy of Sub-Pixel Estimation in Area-based Matching

R. Matsuoka, M. Sone, N. Sudo, and H. Yokotsuka (Japan)


Matching, sub-pixel estimation, accuracy, precision, and experiment


Precise results of matching are required to obtain the precise locations of objects using stereo images. Accordingly, sub-pixel estimation of the corresponding position in area-based matching is often conducted. Several methods to obtain sub-pixel estimation in area based matching have been proposed. However, there are few reports on accuracy comparison of those methods. Therefore, we performed an experiment in order to investigate accuracy of sub-pixel estimation in area-based matching by using 36 diverse images. Our study focused on two popular methods in digital photogrammetry: cross correlation method with fitting a second order surface by using normalized cross correlation coefficients (CMF) and least squares matching (LSM). The experiment results demonstrate that the accuracy of sub-pixel estimation in area-based matching varies considerably with the properties of the image. Furthermore, the experiment results show that LSM can estimate the corresponding position more accurately than CMF. The estimation error of LSM would be half of that of CMF.

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