New Morphological Waterfall-based Implementation for Line-Features Segmentation

F.J.A.P. Soares (Portugal)


Mathematical Morphology; Segmentation; Over segmentation; Watershed; Waterfall.


This paper proposes two stages for the segmentation of line paths in aerial imagery. The first stage describes an application improvement of the known morphological Waterfall method, for a more detailed hierarchical progression of its segmentation reduction procedure, aiming a better local and regional edge-based feature characterization by watershed partial lines recognition. The proposed designation for the method is Waterfall Plus. Method advantages will be shown by comparing segmentation results with the ones obtained with the original method. Despite of having a different quantity of steps, both methods start with the same watershed image and stop when the final image is an empty image line representation. So, criteria for stopping process, before it reaches the final step, would be based on supervised appreciation of current segmentation result. In order to skip that intervention, the second stage of the present study, proposes to form a line catalogue (matrix), based on Waterfall-Plus evolution, used for partial-line neighborhood analysis, cutting out those partial-lines that don’t match the established neighborhood criteria.

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