eAixessor - A Modular Framework for Automatic Assessment of Weekly Assignments in Higher Education

E. Altenbernd-Giani, U. Schroeder, and P.W. Stalljohann (Germany)


Software and Hardware Systems for Web-based Education, eAssessment Concept, CAA System, eLearning, Feedback


Defining computer based tests which can be analyzed au tomatically in order to generate feedback for the learner can either be realized by specialized programs, e.g. in CAS systems for mathematical domains, or on the other hand be based on closed questions as in multiple choice or fill-in. This article introduces a framework with abstractions for a sequence of test procedures so that instantiations can easily be adapted for various domains and still be specific con cerning the types of tests and feedback generated. Since not all types of tasks can be evaluated automatically, the framework integrates components for human intervention (tutor-in-the-loop concept).

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