ECoDI: The Invention of a Digital-Virtual Living Space

E. Schlemmer, L. Backes, P.S.S. Frank, and F. Andros da Silva (Brazil)


DigitalVirtual Living Space, Teacher Education, representation, interaction.


This paper aims at discussing the opening and theoretical basis for digital-virtual living, used on the work “The teacher’s education when interacting with AVA in virtual realities: Perceptions and representations 1 ”, which has been developed in the context of the Digital Education Research Group – GP edu. The work is associated with the following CNPq areas: Educational Technology, Cognitive and Telecomputing Psychology; and the research line called Teacher’s Pedagogical Practices and Training in the Postgraduate Programme in. Thus, all the different Digital Technologies (DTs) shaping the digital virtual living space – the Virtual Learning Environment, Virtual Realities and Comunicative Agent.

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