Learnr - Web 2.0-Driven Learning

D. Dahl, J. Lechtenbörger, J. Sieberg, and G. Vossen (Germany)


Collaborative eLearning, Web 2.0, Social Software, Learning Communities


Since blended learning has become increasingly popular, teachers as well as learners are supported by a number of electronic platforms: starting from the distribution of digital learning content, via automatically advised online exercises to final exams being carried out in a university’s PC lab. However, the concept of intensive learning, for example immediately prior to an exam, is only supported to a minor degree, if at all; thus, a recapitulation of learning content often still takes place in a traditional way where digital content is printed on paper and then annotated with highlighters and post-its, for example. The Learnr Web platform under development at the University of Münster bridges this gap within the process of technology enhanced learning by adopting well-known learning paradigms to the digital world. Following a community-driven, Web 2.0-coined approach, on the one side structures representing the learners’ language, collaboratively created summaries and file cards arise; at a social level bottom-up networking and learning communities are fostered through sharing of individually created material.

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