e-Notebook Tool for Effective Knowledge Construction from Web: Encouragement of Multi-Perspective Thinking and Prevention of Copy-and-Paste

H. Mitsuhara, S. Nakaya, K. Kanenishi, and Y. Yano (Japan)


Knowledge construction, web, enotebook, multi perspective thinking, copyandpaste


This paper describes how to realize effective knowledge construction from the web, focusing on multi-perspective thinking and a copy-and-paste problem in a writing assignment. Our fundamental idea is to provide students with an e-notebook tool. This tool enables a student to construct knowledge by thinking about and externalizing (visualizing) the content of his/her visited web pages and creating his/her e-notebook. In order to prevent non effective knowledge construction by copy-and-paste, this tool forbids to copy and paste the content and always stores the e-notebook file on not his/her client computer but his/her personal space in the LMS.

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