Dealing with Cultural Differences in a 3D Virtual Classroom: A Case Study of Collaboratively Constructing a Virtual Tower of Babel

E. Prasolova-Førland (Norway), T.G. Wyeld (Australia), and T.-W. Chang (Taiwan)


3D Collaborative Virtual Environments, multicultural classroom, collaborative learning.


The collaboration project described in this paper involved students across three cooperating institutions, on three different continents in different time zones, building a virtual Tower of Babel in a 3D Collaborative Virtual Environment (3D CVE). Much Information and Communication Technology work today involves international collaboration. This requires cross-cultural understandings with one’s co-collaborators, but there are few opportunities for this to occur in a pedagogical setting. Therefore, this paper outlines a pedagogically oriented case study of the use of a 3D CVE as a multi cultural collaborative classroom.

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