The Effective Design of Computer-based Aids for Teaching and Learning Music in Elementary Education

M.M. Waisman (USA)


Electronic listening map, and computerbased learning.


This paper explores the development of computer-based aids for music instruction in the elementary school classroom, and analyzes how teachers and students can effectively utilize these aids for the teaching and learning of music through listening activities. This study originated as a Master of Design project at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada. The project involved the creation of an Animated Listening Map (ALM), a type of computer-based aid for teaching musical concepts, primarily through listening activities, at the second grade level of elementary education. In this paper, an ALM is defined as a spatial arrangement of images on the computer screen that changes over time to respond to the musical pattern in a piece of music being played on the computer. This paper especially focuses on the components of a favorable instructional situation in the classroom and how this supports the design of the ALM. Some guidelines are also presented for the effective development of computer based aids for music instruction.

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