A Tabletop Learning Environment for Logistics Assistants: Activating Teachers

G. Zufferey, P. Jermann, and P. Dillenbourg (Switzerland)


Computerbased Learning, Tabletop Computing, Tangible User Interfaces, Penbased Input, Augmented Reality.


We describe a tabletop environment used in vocational schools to teach theoretical concepts to apprentices in lo gistics through the use of a small-scale model of a ware house. It provides a Tangible User Interface in the form of wooden shelves, metallic pillars and carboard docks, and gives feedback through an Augmented Reality technique that projects information on top of the physical model. The surface of the table is a whiteboard which allows users to make drawings using dry-erase markers. We report a first user study we conducted with two teachers and two groups of apprentices, describe our observations and discuss how they informed the future developments of the environment.

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