An Approach to Direct Pointing using Head-Hand Coordination

M. Ishihara and Y. Ishihara (Japan)


head-hand coordination, remote pointing, laser pointer in teraction, direct pointing.


In this study we introduce a direct pointing system using head-hand coordination. The head-hand coordination is a natural response to a laser pointer. We often use a laser pointer when we give our presentation. Then we look at it while we point at a spot on a projection screen, so that our head and hand look towards almost the same direction. The system utilizes this coordination to determine if we are looking where we are pointing. The system takes informa tion on angular positions of both our head and hand to es timate how close they are. Then the system ļ¬gures out the spot where we are pointing with our hand by navigating our head with a virtual spot so that both the angular positions get closer. The head-hand coordination has the potential to install direct pointing systems into everyday devices such as laptops, projection screens and TVs. The system does not depend on any display types and works without visual distraction and homographies as traditional direct pointing systems do. We build a prototype of the system then we give a demonstration of the prototype.

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