Associative Rhythm Learning for Music Interaction

S. Kasahara (Japan), R. Saegusa (Italy), and S. Hashimoto (Japan)


Rhythm Interaction, AssociativeMemory, Machine per sonality


Interactions between men and machines increasingly tend towards interactive, or even collaborative, experiences. We explore the emergence of creativity in man-machine mu sical interaction. Participants in collaborative musical en sembles should exhibit their own unique musical individ uality. We propose a system that acquires musical indi viduality by listening to rhythmic interaction between hu man performers and learns bidirectional rhythm associa tion. This association mechanism allows the system to not only generate a suitable rhythm that compliments a per former’s rhythm, but also suggest to the performer an al ternative rhythm that it deems preferential. The system’s musical individuality originates from its listening experi ence and is generally different to that of the performer’s. In this manner, creative and harmonious rhythms can emerge from musical interactions between the performer and the system. The system was implemented so as to interact with a human partner using typical percussion instruments, in real time. Experimentation shows that the system can iden tify rhythm, play along with human performers, and in ject dynamic rhythm changes such that musical creativity emerges.

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