Operating Networked Appliances using Gaze Information and Voice Recognition

N. Yuasa, K. Mitsui, H. Sakakibara, H. Igaki, M. Nakamura, and K.-i. Matsumoto (Japan)


home network system, voice recognition, gaze information, multimodal interface, appliances controller, precision


In the emerging home network systems (HNS), household appliances and sensors are connected to the network to provide various value-added services. However, the cost taken for users to operate the HNS would increase signifi cantly, due to the diversification of appliances and services. Thus, intuitive and simple human interfaces are strongly required. This paper presents a method that operates the networked appliances using user’s voice and gaze informa tion together. The conventional voice command interface cannot achieve high precision, when the number of target operations is large. Therefore, the gaze information is used to reduce the number of operations, so that the system han dles only appliances that the user is currently gazing at. We have implemented the proposed method and evaluated its effectiveness.

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