The Psychology of Eye-Hand Coordination in Human Computer Interaction

M. Furtner and P. Sachse (Austria)


Psychological Aspects of HCI, Perceptual and Adaptive User Interfaces, EyeHand Coordination, Eye Movement Analysis


The analysis of the eye-hand coordination is a rather re cent research area which is very important for the im provement of human computer interaction and is charac terized in particular by its interdisciplinary approach. At present, there is an intensive discussion concerning the specific interaction patterns between the eye and the hand (mouse-cursor). In accordance to the analysis of the spe cific eye-hand coordination (eye guidance, eye-hand syn chronicity, and hand guidance) in the following experi mental investigation, 141 participants were examined by means of eye movement analysis (eye tracking). As far as the stimulus material is concerned, three different com plex labyrinth tasks were presented. With regard to the specific eye-hand coordination during the solution process of the different labyrinth tasks, the results show new evi dence concerning the eye guidance, the delay time of the hand (mouse-cursor), and the specific complexity degree.

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