User-Centered Design of a Secure P2P Personal and Social Networking Platform

Z. Antoniou and D.N. Kalofonos (USA)


P2P networking, security, NFC, usability evaluation


Advances in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and web technologies have recently enabled P2P personal and social networking. The key to the success of such systems is middleware and tools that will allow non-expert consumers to manage their networks and share their resources easily and intuitively. This is the motivation behind MyNet, a P2P platform that enables non-expert users to easily organize their resources and share them in their immediate social neighborhood. In this paper, we present our experience following a user-centered approach in designing the MyNet system: using real world metaphors in the core system, leveraging NFC based touch to mirror human behavior models, and involving actual users in the design process. The results of our initial usability evaluation are also presented in detail.

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