The Decision Centered Testing Methodology: Guidelines and Principles to Evaluate Decision Support Systems

R. Breton (Canada)


HumanSystem interaction, DSS testing, decisionmaking effectiveness, cognitive system engineering.


This paper presents a novel approach, the Decision Centered Testing (DCT) that aims to test the decision making effectiveness of the coupling between a human decision maker and a DSS (Joint Cognitive System JCS). DCT allows iteratively improving the decision making process by adjusting the decision aid to achieve the desired human-system synergy. One objective with DCT is to offer guidelines and principles to JCS testing that span and combine system engineering and human factors domains of knowledge associated with each entity of the JCS. Hence, the methodology can constitute a useful tool to structure and guide the evaluation of a JCS. DCT aims to provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the JCS prior to the DSS being implemented into an operational setting, with the objective of improving the JCS decision-making effectiveness. However, much work remains to be done for the methodology to reach its full potential, both in terms of validation and conceptual development.

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